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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mini Field Trip #4: Whistler's Children's Art Festival

It was a perfect to do a festival and for the love of our kids, we drove up to Whistler just to attend the celebration :)

$ 8 - per child
Donation for adults.

* Festival Area where the tent for paid activities are located

We were one of the few who got there first and some of the tents were just starting to open. Over excited he he! The strong man stilt walker was the one who welcomed us or maybe he was on his way to the village as well... That was how early we were... 

* It's so light... Mommy is so stroooong!

* Now with my hubby :)

We decided to check out the different FREE activities available on site which was really good. The usual- Face painting, balloon making are there but I was happy to find some unique ones that are free as well. Caricatures, Henna Tattoos....

* Eron came with us for some kiddie fun as well :)

* Family pic with a dog mascot

We started with the face painting. I figured out that it's not worth it to line up the face painting booths that are long already (although they yield better face painting results) because it was the experience and the kids wouldn't tell the difference between a work of art on their face from a simple drawing... So short line it was :)

* Way too simple... Fat brush- less details... Oh well

* Foxy lady passed by and I grabbed the chance for a quick shot

* Here comes Kimi's partner for the day... Sam :)

* Sam's turn for her face painting session

Karl was already in line for the next activity while we were in line with the face painting. It works better, less wait = more time to enjoy :). Next stop was the Caricature...

* Kenzo has no inkling of what is going on, Kimi stayed still

It was so funny Kimi so serious and trying not to move... at all. It is okay to move Kimikins....

* Caricature does NOT look like them at all haha

* The Kid and Kid at Heart :)

* Sam and Steve :)

We were a bit famished by the time we were done with the activities and decided to have lunch at White Spot... (another post)

Play Area at Whistler Village was up next on our list....

* Whistler View from the Play Area

* Picture of Kimi from the Eye shaped hole of the tree trunk 

* Another view from the play area

* Sam and Kimi went down down down the slides... NO FEAR!

Having Eron with us for this trip, we decided to do a short walk just so he can see more of Whistler. It was his first time...

* Eron and Kimi at the Olympic Rings...

* Our turn minus sleeping Kenzo

* Feeling Geisha

* The view near Whistler Blackcomb

* Whistler Blackcomb... Future list of things to go... Up up up!

* * * * *
Whistler, B.C.

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