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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mini Field Trip #5: Plum Picking @ Tan's Residence

Friends from afar (Manila, Philippines) came to visit Vancouver once again :)

Their cousin, Shar, held a plum picking event for the kids and the adults alike. A picnic style setting was done. Ladders were set up and the kids soon had their turn picking plums with their bare hands... 

* Father and daughter

* Golden Plums

Pretty hostess goes around with trays of goodies, tempting us with different dishes to satisfy our tummies while we do some outdoor labor ;)

* Can you believer that all these came from one tree

* Two- big bite hotdog sandwiches...

* Daycare Drop off...Kids were deposited to this area

Instead of slides and mats to cushion kid's fall, we have grass and ladders ;)

* Kenzo taking his turn at the picking

* Ice cream was distributed as well to keep the kids happy

* Kimi does quality control of the plums picked

* Venice checks the fruit of our labor :)

* Mother and daughter duo0 Van and Carmi

* Re-enacting Adam and Eve with Golden plums as the forbidden fruit

* Getting the bad out of the bunch...

* Little Guest of honor

* Justin Baby

* Fathers cleans up the tree

* Guy Bonding at its finest

After awhile, the kids were getting bored but thanks to an entertainer that decided to grace us with its presence

* Snail had the kids interest for a long time

* Kids are also connecting in a new way :)- BAYANIHAN

* Kenzo loves smashing the plums.... - HUMAN JUICER

* Body Smashing... and if it does not work

* Feet stomping might... oops! not grapessss

* I think Kenzo just wants to do some mischief...

* G with Kimi

* Kids hold hands...

* Last Plum

* Kenzo wants to do picking with the ladder as well...

* Kimi does re-enacting of Rapunzel. :)

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

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