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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mini Field Trip #7: False Creek - Granville Island Aquabus

Starting from Glenda's place , we headed for the skytrain. It was a perfect day outside to do some strolling and public transit. :)

We passed by a plant which I didn't realize before as a giant sunflower right in Glenda's street. I took the chance for a picture of the plant and another one with Kimi just so you's have an idea how big this sunflower is...

* Giant Sunflower by its lonesome

* Kimi as its company...

Skytrain was finally reached after walking a whole group of kids excited to take another playdate outside.

* 4 mommies, 6 kiddos.
Photographer Mel

* Photographer Joy took a stand for another group picture :)

At last, we reached the Science World stop. Surrey Moms Joy and Jo actually thought that our activity for the day was to go inside the Science World Museum and I guess Mommy Joy already informed Braden because he was really excited to go in but... the event plan was to go via Water Taxi which didn't disappoint, YEY!

* Aquabus Terminal from False Creek to Granville

The view from the waiting shed was already breathtaking. Some mommies were actually scared of the not so wide platform area plus the fact that there are 6 over excited kids, I guess mommies have a reason to worry he he!

* View from the left

* View up close from the right

* View in front of us while waiting...

Finally, an aquabus arrived.... Unfortunately, it wasn't ours and we were asked to wait for the next one arriving shortly to accommodate our group better.

* Not that boat Kalen :)

* Multiple Tickets (3 if I am not mistaken) required for each trip to Granville Island

We got the tickets at $8/person round trip which was a good deal rather than the one advertised on the site which will cost us $6.50 each way. :)

We got to Granville with hungry so straight to the public market to keep our stomachs at bay and at least disguise the kid's voice from all the public market goers.

* Photo Op of the complete group before our lunch
Mommies (L-R) Jo, Mel, Glenda and Joy
Kids (L-R) Rykerm Kalen, Kimi, Mac, Braden and Justin

Here, we went our separate ways to find the food of our choices while a mommy stay to keep an eye on our brood.

* Ryker makes a face... :)

* Braden giving out his energy bar...

No Braden, all the kids are in tip top energy form. We need warm milk instead to keep them from being so excited...

* Pizza for Kalen

* Halibut fish and chips for Kimi and Mel as well as another plate for Jo

* Calamari to share...

After lunch, we got the kids to go feed the pigeon and run around to release some pent up energy...

* Crackers for the birdies

* Joy and Mac strikes a pose for the camera

* Braden and Kimi shares a feather

* Braden getting chummy with Kimi

After awhile, we headed for Kid`s Market for some more kiddie action...

* Nice sculpture.. papier mache if I am not mistaken

Outside is a boat and some dock for kids to play in with a lot more birds to feed...

* Captain Kalen and Captain Braden arguing where their route is

* Braden looking for hidden treasures

* A Damsel in Distress

* The Captain searching for his crew...

* Too many captains... only one wheel...

* Kimi and Justin decide to play with the sit n stand stroller

* Kimi seems to like this stroller a lot.. hint hint*

* Goodbye Granville Island. See you again...

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.

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