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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Misha`s First Birthday

We met Alaric and Vanessa through my cousin. We always promised to meet but always end up meeting just once every year for their daughter`s birthday and once on Kimi`s birthday. We hope that meeting would be more than just during the kid`s birthdays this year ;)...

* Misha`s Ni Hao Cupcake Cake....

* The Spread

The play area is the bestseller with the kids...

* Kenzo loved the tents

* Kimi love the sidecar. She was able to pedal with three kids in tow

* Hula hoop for Kenzo

* A Water Break...

* Kenzo with Alaric (Celebrant's Dad)

* Face painting...hand painting

* Bunny Art

* Peek a boo

* Kimi and Kenzo plays house

* Whooooos there...

* Birthday Family

* Zoom

* Dot to dot

* * * * *
Thompson Community Centre
Richmond, B.C.

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