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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Little Pony... 5th Magical Birthday

Kalen is turning 5 and she wants a pony erhmmmm a birthday party with a My Little Pony theme.

* Great cake for a 5 year old princess...
May your life be as colorful as a rainbow Kalen...

 I actually saw these cupcakes first and was admiring the detail of how the pony looks like it was kneeling on a puff of clouds with colorful pixie dusts... I thought that was it and proceeded to check on the BBQ he he!

* Up close little ponies... SMILE!

The Spread was as yummy as expected. What Glenda and I have shared in common is our love for anything Filipino... ;) food, tsismis... movies, tv shows etc. and that shallow side of us brought us closer to what we are today. See, a shallow start makes a serious friendship. It was a great journey establishing that trust into a friendship that I will treasure all my life :) As the years gone by, so is our inhibition between each other.... Oops, I`m veering off the topic now. Back to Kalen`s party,

* A Family that cooks together... makes a very delicious party ;)

Justin has appointed himself as the guy to manned the cake. A creation lovingly created by Roselle.

* Serious job for little Justin, look how unsmiling he is like the guards in the Buckingham palace he he!

* Birthday Girl joins her sibling... So impatient to do the birthday song

This is the second little guy to my heart aside from Kenzo (of course!). It just warms my heart to hear him shout a greeting every time we see each other. I just feel loved... toink! Super Sweeeeet...
* A Smile that will break lots of girl`s heart ;)

Finally, the traditional singing of the birthday song

* Look at Kimi`s mouth.... Songer like her mom hehe!

* Kalen strikes a post to the side camera....

After the cake distribution, the kids gathered for a classroom role playing with Teacher Kalen bullying acting as the head of the classroom and the calendar as her blackboard :) PEACE GLENDA :)

* Look at the over grown students...


* New Hairdo.... thirsty because of the heat

* Justin with his loyal bear friend...

I wasn't able to get much pictures as I was busy keeping an eye on Kenzo. The kids enjoyed themselves immensely and the adults were happy to talk and update each other. 

* Little loots after the party...

* Little pony doll and some sweet stuffs :)

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.

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Anonymous said...

Hi love that MLP cake!! where did u get it from? thanks.


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