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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Queens Park Petting Area

After a successful meet and greet with pygmy goats at Beacon Hill Park, we decided to pay the goats here in New Westminster a visit.

* Queens Park

Goats in Queen's Park are way bigger than the ones in Victoria. They smell far worse too hehe!

* Goats roam free

Seeing how big they are, Kimi was more hesitant to get closer...
Good judgement Kimi

* Full grown goat

Kenzo, onthe other hand, still showed no fear and wanted to go down and have his moment with the animals... No Kenzo...

* Kenzo feels trapped in his carrier

* Not too crowded for a weekend

There was a small area of cages for rabbits and animals that you can look at from the other side of a net...

* Rabbit. Thirsty on a hot summer's day

* Cow was really tight in his little enclosure

* Feathered friends...

Kimi kept on going from side to side, happy to let the chicks follow her around from the other end of the glass. She even asked me why she was being followed... hmmm, maybe they are bored?

* Barn Princess

* More Red Barn pictures...

Now, it's time to say goodbye to the little farm.
...and hello to the playground

* Kimi's all time fave

* Love to test her legs... climb climb climb...

* Kenzo up close.... Cutie!

...and as we try to call it a day and head out to our car, someone decided to grace us with his presence

* Cute Grey Squirrel

* * * * *
New Westminster, B.C

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