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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Secret is finally out...

One of my must do list is a High Tea in The Empress, Victoria.

This is a close second. A High Tea- Anywhere.
Sabrina visiting is worth a trip to something unique, so the High Tea was our choice for an afternoon rendevous

* Glendas Recommendation

* Tea Collection

 We were early since we went here straight from Kimi's Day Camp and we had time to spare to walk around Kerrisdale since that is where our supposed High Tea for the afternoon was located as well.

* Cozy Interiors

* Sabrina and Glenda

* Reservation penned in Porcelain

* Little girls deserves kiddie cup and teapots too

I love using sugar cubes for my tea, feels like in the olden days

* Sugar cubes with a tong for more sweets

* Teapot holder with Secret Garden Logos

I decided to forgo doing a High Tea for Kimi since she already ate pizza while waiting for our reservation but,

* Little Teapot and Cups for... apple juice

I appreciate how the server made an effort to make Kimi felt like she was doing the same service as ours. Kimi has her own teapot complete with a little pink cup with a whimsical cat design for her to sip.

* Lemon Mango Punch  under the Fruit and Herbal Teas

* My Little Princess

* Uhmmmm... suddenly the lady is thirsty :)

Our Three-tiered tray was finally served, with a little introduction, we were left with all these goodies...

* Start from the bottom up, sweets were served on top

* 3rd Tier were the breads with no sweets

* 2nd Tier were the breads with some sweets

* 1st Tier was purely sweets

Being first timers, Glenda was the connoisseur in the group :)

* Sabrina and Glenda doing a little discussion if the little snack has some mayo on it

* Sabrina, Kimi and Glenda

...and finally, picture with me on it :)

* Group Picture

* * * * *
Kerrisdale, B.C.

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