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Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Day Camp: Mini Day Camp 2011

I was contemplating for a time if Kimi was ready to do a Summer Camp of 3 hrs per class. I figured that it's just 15 minutes longer from her normal preschool schedule and decide to go through with it. I initially wanted an Art camp but I realized on the day of the first day camp that I enrolled her in the Mini Day Camp which was basically like a regular day in preschool... Toink! 

It turned out good though because Kimi has been missing school and I saw that she blended easily with the other kids. it was a chance for me to see her in another type of preschool setting. 

Day 1: Kenzo, Kimi and Mommy

* Day Camp 1: Pretty in Pink

* Lovely mosaic graced the walls of the hallway

Day 2: Kenzo, Kimi and Mommy

* Day Camp 2: Cheerio Art and some random drawings...

* Little girl in thin long sleeved top and black pants

* Flower Tattoo 

Day 3: Sabrina came with us because we had High Tea scheduled for the afternoon.

* Auntie Sabrina and Kimi

* Crayon Melted in Cupcake liners

Day 4: Kenzo came with us for a stroll. A run on the park and some playground action fun

* Football...

* No such thing as shovel... using my bare hands to dig... Argh!

* Abstract Art!?

* Kimi in Gap Peach Top and Gap shorts

Day 5: Kenzo, Kimi and Mommy

* Killarney Preschool Room

* Storytime at Killarney Mini Day Camp

* Rock Pet as Art

* Teachers for Mini Day Camp

* Love the romper... Thanks Guama!

* My Rock Art..upclose

* * * * *
* August 15-19, 2011 *
Killarney Community Center 
Vancouver, B.C.

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