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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tai Chi- Fall/Winter 2011

The Leisure Guide for Fall/Winter is finally available online.

Haven't gotten a hard copy yet.

I noticed though that the Leisure Guide has an interactive version which requires a Flash player... Hooray! It has an added feature wherein you can actually click the course code you are interested in to direct you for registration. It is a big ease over the PDF file. The PDF file is still on hand for those who prefers to read over the programs via monitor.

I would like to stress a program which my father in law will be the instructor of.

Tai Chi - Seniors Beginner 19+

Have fun and improve your health, flexibility and resistance to disease. Enjoy these gentle Chinese exercises and gain the benefits that result from the daily practice of tai chi. Yang style and qi gong are offered at Bonsor; Yang style is taught at Confederation, Cameron and Edmonds. The intermediate level allows you to develop beyond the basic movements. Fridays. 
Sep-16-2011 - Nov-25-2011
11:00AM - 12:00PM

Edmonds Community Centre
Tai Chi - Seniors Beginner

Click Here to Register for Tai Chi Beginners

and for those from Vancouver

Tai Chi Registration are at
(604) 713-1818

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