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Saturday, August 13, 2011

White Spot at Whistler

* Loooong lunch but it was good with friends to converse with

Even Kimi and Sam had their moments in this restaurant... It was such a treat to finally see them conversing between each other and having a good time....

Pirate Pak Menus comes with coloring and activities to keep the kids busy while the cooks take their time preparing the meal...

* Color me up Pirate Pak Menu

* Kenzo giving out flying kisses....

* All around kisses... happy to be full. Baby food :)

* Sampling their Pirate Pak combinations

* Target: Golden Chocolate Coin...

Finally, our dishes arrived....

* Starter Size: Pulled Pork Sliders

* Caesar Salad with Chargrilled Chicken for Karl 

* * * * *
Whistler, B.C.

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