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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skating with more confidence

This is the 3rd skating lesson for both Kimi and Kalen...

* Early for a little photo shoot :)
Top and Shorts: Joe but Superstore; Leggings: Carters
Leather Vest: Europe from Uncle Eric

* Kimi does her dainty little pose

* Quesadillas and Hot Chocolate for snacks
...Kimi does her big eye look for the camera :)

You know that the kids are progressing inside the rink when the mommies started talking more and watching the kids less. It doesn't mean that we are not as interested as before but we are more confident that the kids can finally balance and we can finally let out a sigh of relief and get our guards down.

Progress are not as fast but every lesson has something added to help kids learn without letting them realize that they are learning. 

The best thing is that Kimi is looking forward to ice skating classes even if she is tired and must come straight from school to the lessons.

* Chummies

* Mommy Glends and Kalen... having her fill of picture for the day

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Summer Reading... Savouring the result :)

The Summer officially ended a couple of weeks ago and with that comes the start of school once again.

We have put our summer to good use with a lot of field trip with friends and some extra readings at home...
This kind of practice actually resulted to something to be proud of,

...a medal at the end of September 2011

It was impossible to get Kenzo to sit still for 50 reading so it was only Kimi who got to complete this challenge, maybe next year Kenzo :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Creativity by Clay

It was the first day of clay class for Kimi. This class makes use of clay to make Family keepsake, hence, the title of the program Family Keepsakes in Clay. This was a new program which is finally in Kimi's age group- yey!

* Mather's House

This is where all the pottery and clay classes are held.

* My little army girl

* Studio H room

* Kimi has her own work space :)

* Mommy and Kimi made a family diagram

It was not fired yet so I don't know if it will look like this when fired (fingers crossed)... 

* * * * *


Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
Burnaby, B.C.

We went for a really late lunch afterwards at Shiang Garden... It was an unbelievable wait of more than an hour and everyone was soooo hungry by the time we got to the table.

* Greens unite

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mooncake Karaoke Party

Even from afar, I still want to do things that reminds me of home back in Manila. I was ecstatic to learned that we will be having a Mooncake game this year.

We used to do a moon cake game back in Manila with friends every year. It was our way to make an event and a reason for us to get together. I haven`t had a mooncake game since I left Manila 3 years ago and I am so happy to bring this memory alive once again in Canada. :)

Our Menu


Taho (Philippine Style)
Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream Bar

Four Season Juice
* * *

* The Spread

* The Lumpia
Fresh Lumpia Hubad

This is the star of the event. All the hard work put into making this dish. The manual shredding and cutting of veggies into small pieces... It was well worth the hard work.

* The additional(s) for the lumpia

These are the little things that are put together with the wrap to made each bite crunchy :)

* Embutido from Go Family

Of course, BBQ is still in the menu and Chef Stone manned the BBQ grill together with Karl :)

* Manning the BBQ Grill

Karaoke was scheduled at 3-4 pm... The Ang`s came early and did the early sound check for the system ;)
Twinny was dancing and owning up to being the singer of the day, doing song requests as well...

* Karaoke- Diva Twinny

* Bonding male to male

The in laws decided to buy safe things as prizes for the game. Everyone drinks so...

* Juice as prizessss... Practical eh!

* All the way form Manila... Instructions to refer to

Kendrick and Alanna seems to be having all the luck, while ahem, our tandem (Karl and I) managed to get 3 juices for the duration of the game... At least I won`t be thirsty

* Ampao (red money envelope) for the bigger prices...

* Go Family

* This little fella threw a good dice...
One try and got an ampao and moon cake on his first try...
Good Job Kenzo :)

* Cheat Sheet

* Twinny and Dianne

* Winning Shot

* Way to Go Alanna

* Closer....

* Does not care about the game

* Three Gals...

* All of us gals...

* * * * *

Burnaby, B.C.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sooo Pure...

It was a celebration of a single gal turning into a married woman... 

it was a Bridal shower for Candz.... Ssssh! She was led to believe that it was just a pamper activity and when the sash and the crown were revealed. She finally got the idea that it was all for her... :)

* Purple sandals... Fave color of the bride to be...

* Amethyst Flipflops from Old Navy

We decided to make purple the theme just for the fact that it was Candz's fave color...

* Personalized Tags to make it more special...

I don't see them often but it was nice to finally get reunited for a get together and update each other on life... :) 

* Richmond Girls....

* Picture with Ms. Bride to Be

* Getting Pampered

* Spa Book for Candz

* Mani Service

* Les, Char, Nico and Candz

* Nico, Steph, Candz and Mel

* Car, Twins, Mel and Les

* Showing off the nails....

* Miss-es

* Nico, Steph, Char and Candz

* Mel and Candz

* All Pampered Up

* Gift Giving at Pure Nail Bar

* * * * * 
Yaletown, B.C.

We proceeded to Richmond for dinner. Estea was the choice since it was big and roomy for  a group of 10.

* Estea Time

* Kate, Mel, Car and Twins

* Estea All

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.


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