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Sunday, September 04, 2011

AYCE: Aji Taro Japanese Bistro

I don't do much All you can eat during dinner times. A mommy friend of mine, Sarah referred this place to us saying that it has a good selection of all you can eat menu. We decided to brave through Richmond on a weekend night for an AYCE dinner at Aji Taro.

We had our usual food buddies Stone and Twinny to join us for the AYCE Japanese experience. They tried Aji Taro already and was just as happy to pay this restaurant another visit. Good sign I thought.

* Aji Taro Facade...

We were tempted to go to next door's Sun Sui Wah, with images of King crabs and squabs (YUMMY), an all time favorite but we were here to do Aji Taro so....

* Disposable chopsticks

The Interior was okay. It was cozy and warm colors were used for the whole space. Banquette seating was the choice of seating for the whole restaurant with a long narrow hallway. It was a space saver but reminds me a bit of a train hall. 

* AYCE Menu

* Edameme

* Miso Soup

* Oyster Motoyaki

* Beef Carpaccio... Sorry I forgot the exact name of this dish
we had two more plates of these afterwards

* Gyoza

* Maguro Temaki

* Fried Yam

* Yaki Soba

* Tamago Sushi and Fish Roe Sushi

* Assorted Sushi

Smaller that Sushi Garden's but this is AYCE so was not expecting bigger rolls since you can order more when this is not enough.

* Chicken Karaage

* Short Ribs

* Corn- I love this

* Black cod- limit to 2 per person

* Tempura... We had loads of these...

It was decent food. Nothing was really that outstanding in taste but everything was just right. I love the selections though compared to other AYCE I have tried but then, I dont have much experience with AYCE dinners under my belt. We usually do AYCE lunch which usually have smaller selections so I am no expert on this... yet.

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

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