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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Blast from the Past: Fortune Lunch

I found out from FB (facebook) that a classmate (Aliang) from elementary is in Vancouver for a visit with his family. I decided to extend an invitation to meet up... for lunch. Turns out that my mommy friend, Glenda's mom, is a good friend of my classmate's mother in law. So we decided to meet them together. 

The place? Fortune Dimsum place in Metrotown.
You can never go wrong with this restaurant.

We were 12 all in all. I was embarrassed to take pictures of all the food we ordered but believe me. It was a LOT! We had doggy bags to take home even after more than an hour laboring over all the things we ordered.

Kenzo was also a handful so I was a bit on mommy mode and hunger took a back seat while I attended to my two kids :( After awhile, Kenzo finally decided to show his charming side...

* Playing with Aliang's father in law

* Aliang's wife, Cheryll and Glenda

* Top L-R Aliang, Aliang's Father in law and Mother in law
Bottom L-R Riley, Cheryll, Glenda

* Kiddos Unite: Tyler, Kimi, Kalen and Riley

* Tyler is doing his zombie re-enactment

* Whole Group picture

* Goodbye for now... Nice meeting you

* Alone again... :) Kalen and Kimi does Purdy Bubblegum ice cream

* Mommies goes for a coffee break...
Hot chocolate break!

* Table for two... Mommies are a crowd

* * * * *
Fortune house *Purdy Chocoloate * Blenz
Metrotown Mall
Burnaby, B.C.

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