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Monday, September 05, 2011

Celebrating 40: An Old Fashioned Fair

Coming back to Burnaby Village Museum for the nth time.

The free entrance for the museum was about to come to an end... or was September the 5th it's last day for a free entrance. Nevertheless, I braved it again with the thought that there is an event this time, hoping that the crowd won't be too bad...

* Tattoo to commemorate the event

What's good with this last visit was that the houses and structures were opened for people to walk in and look around. Unlike the first few visits, all we can see was the facade.

First off was the Jesse Love Farmhouse

* Living room classic

* Look at this classic telephone

* Old type of stove

* Sewing Machine...

My mom had a sewing machine given to her when she got married, it look a bit like these but hers was a bit modern.

* Our Classic Baby... :)

* A performer in the middle of the square

Next stop was the village in classics...

* Wagner's Blacksmith Shop

We were able to catch a demonstration of a blacksmith doing his craft...

* A Demonstration of a Blacksmith at work

* The Home Bakery

The Original was located at Kingsway according to the brochure just east of Boundary Road.

* Burnaby Lake General Store

There were cans of sardines with labels from the 1920's and 30's

* Stuffed with daily home needs...

* Look at the old cashier and the weighing scale

We also went to the place where bikes and cars were made, I assume this is the Royal Oak Garage (?)

* Garage before

* Classical bike

Next stop was the Toy room

* Blocks as old as time...
* Simplified toys...

* Saw this in Science World Kids Zone as well

* Kimi doesn't recognize any of these toys...

Nearby are...

* Drugstore in 1920s

* Bottles lined up the shelves...

..and a typical barbershop in the 20s as well

* McKay Barbershop

this shop was actually modelled after Burnaby's McKay Barbershop that operated on Kingsway.

We were walking to see more of the village when Kimi exclaimed excitedly. I want to play Croquet!...Whaaaat!?

Ohhh.. croquet. I was surprised she know what it was called...
probably picked it up from Max and Ruby or one of her cartoons :)

* I guess this is the game of the 20s as well?

* Standby mode...

...for the nth time, we passed by the train station

* Interurban Tram 1223 Barn

..and the last stop was an old school

* Seaforth School

Opened 1922 with just 20 students. It was located on the north side of Burnaby Lake at Government Street and Piper Avenue.

* Sign from the entrance

* Classic school

This actually reminds me of our desk in grade school minus the metal sidings...

It was a bit hot to walk and we were not expecting to stay long so we went close to lunch :( I wish we came in after so we could stroll more as there was a lot to see since there was an event ongoing.

Maybe next time...

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.

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