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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Creativity by Clay

It was the first day of clay class for Kimi. This class makes use of clay to make Family keepsake, hence, the title of the program Family Keepsakes in Clay. This was a new program which is finally in Kimi's age group- yey!

* Mather's House

This is where all the pottery and clay classes are held.

* My little army girl

* Studio H room

* Kimi has her own work space :)

* Mommy and Kimi made a family diagram

It was not fired yet so I don't know if it will look like this when fired (fingers crossed)... 

* * * * *


Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
Burnaby, B.C.

We went for a really late lunch afterwards at Shiang Garden... It was an unbelievable wait of more than an hour and everyone was soooo hungry by the time we got to the table.

* Greens unite

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

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