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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ending with Leisure...

Wrapping up an All you can eat dinner is a Sweet-ender in the name of Leisure Tea and Coffee.

Richmond is not our turf and we look on to Stone and Twinny for any recommendations for something sweet. Hubby actually narrowed it down in one word: 

Aoyama Cafe was nearby but we weren't sure if it was still open, we decided to try our luck and was on our way there when Stone suddenly remembered Leisure...

I wanted to try something new so... 

* Leisure Tea and Coffee

The signage outside was nondescript. You wouldn't know that the inside was completely different from the facade. 

* Old Style Charm Interiors with frames of different sizes hanging all throughout the walls

This was the view from the outside to the inside. It looks old and the interiors were simple and inexpensive but it worked well together. It was cozy and homey

* Wood beam lined up the ceilings

This was the view from our area to the entrance.

* Twins and Mel

* Twins and Kimi

* Twins and Kimi II

* More of Mommy and Kimi

And finally, our orders...

* Devil's Iced Coffee

* Cookie Crisp Ice Cream

* Banana Split

This is a classic favorite of hubby. He was a bit disappointed that it was all vanilla ice cream and he'd like some nuts for that added....crunch?!

It was funny that no one ended ordering crepe... ;-)

I was disappointed though that they weren't able to catch my order so I ended up waiting and decided to cancel when everyone was finished with their desserts.
* * * * *
Richmond. B.C.

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