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Friday, September 16, 2011

Kenzo @ 21 months

I figured that doing an update every 6 months is too long with all the progress Kenzo is having.

Diaper is now up to Size 6 with clothes 18-24 months 
11 teeth at this month's mark.
6 upper and 5 lower.

He has finally said I love you...once
It came out more gibberish but it was definitely an I love you

* Who wouldn't love this little boy... Aaaw... so charming!

He has also found a way to get off the bed on his own. Our bed is very high and it scares me sometimes.
He tries to go down with the butt first and holds onto the sheet like a parachute then....swoof! he is down!

He knows how to go down the stairs like a person. Not crawling backwards but standing up with one foot down then another...faster though so it scares me a lot too!

* Food Lover... He is happiest when he is munching on something
I am so happy that he is not choosy when it comes to food and he eats a lot of fruits
...and loves his milky a lot

The playpen used to be the only thing in the house in which we can confine him and rest assured, he will be there when we get back. Not anymore! He found a way how to climb out of the playpen...

He loves to play his truck and he has to have the wheel. He can do the pushing sometimes though. He loves to play tag with his sister and when the going gets rough, he smacks his sister and the atchie ends up crying that shoti hit him... 

* A Ball of Energy.... He just keeps on going and going....

He finally learns to get himself entertained with the Tv... as well as the Iphone, Itouch, Ipad... He knows how to do puzzles like Tozzle Teasers, Word World and even find his favorite cartoons at Netfliz and You Tube... 

He loves Rolly Polly and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He also likes Caillou and Max and Ruby. Aside from that, he has taken a liking to Tangled Movie... Eeeep! I love it too! :)

* Experimental Kenzo.... That Candy is not handled like a cigarette little boy...

When Kenzo became way too active, it was a routine for us to close all the doors upstairs just to make sure he doesn't do something mischievous without us noticing . I guess he decided that it was a fun game to play and whenever he goes upstairs, he decided upon himself to close the open doors himself hahaha! Saves us a lot of effort :) Good Job Kenzo!

Everyday is an adventure with you Kenzo...and it just doubles up the fun with Kimi :)
Can't wait what is up your sleeves next Kenzo

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