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Friday, September 16, 2011

Kimi and Kenzo 2010... finally!

I have been procrastinating.... and finally, after reading Kelly Korner's Show Us Your life - How do you scrapbook/keep kids art work?, I was finally inspired to do the final step of making a hard copy of our pictures... I have been doing bits and pieces of my kid's pictures but it was always saved in cd as a backup and posted in my blog but I have nothing to show for if there is no computer around. I promised myself to do a baby book for each kid but up to now, NADA! So, it was a start that I was finally able to print out a collection of their pictures of year 2010... Okay, so... 2007, 2008, 2009 and of course, 2011 are next... Good luck to me :)

I started with 2010 just for the fact that I already had the collage of their pictures done before so I only need to upload them and have it printed. I need a copy to keep me motivated and I am so happy to get that in the mail yesterday! I just had it done a couple of days ago upon reading Kelly`s entry.... a fast delivery is definitely a plus for me plus the quality was good :)

I did each page by month. A month for Kimi and a month for Kenzo

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