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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kimi on Ice... Now Showing :)

Kimi is finally registered for Ice Skating lessons this fall. I don't want to overwhelm her with all the activities offered, tempting as it was... I decided on ice skating because I personally like ice skating but didn't got the chance to do lessons when I was a kid plus I just love the movie Cutting Edge...

* Skate Rental Tickets /10s

* Skates at Size 8

* Initial Lecture

* Getting up with their shoes on

Video on them balancing in the floor before going to the actual rink

  The basics were finally imparted to them and they were sent off to the ice for some ice experience...

* First Lesson: how to get up from a fall

* Second Lesson: How to get your balance

...they were thought how to get up after a fall and they were finally ask to stand up on their own...

* On their own...

Kimi and Kalen were different in how they approached the challenge. I could see the excitement in Kalen's action and she was quite aggressive and determine to get up, while Kimi, like me, was on the cautious side, she went up little by little getting her balance and when she was sure that she got them, she was on her feet. On to moving, Kalen was quite fast and since the ice was slippery, she went down on her butt but fearless Kalen did it again and again with the determination to be admired. Kimi went with baby steps going 360 degrees, slowly but surely. I was pretty amazed that she was not falling and finding ways on how to move at her own pace. She did fall at the end but it was good time before she did and she did not cry, just picked herself up and stand up once again to try... Great job to both girls. Bravo! We are proud of you :)

A little video, just turn down the volume and pardon my cheerleader-y voice he he!

* On her own... slowly but surely

* All done! 

* * * * *
Skating PS Level 1
Vancouver, B.C.

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