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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mooncake Karaoke Party

Even from afar, I still want to do things that reminds me of home back in Manila. I was ecstatic to learned that we will be having a Mooncake game this year.

We used to do a moon cake game back in Manila with friends every year. It was our way to make an event and a reason for us to get together. I haven`t had a mooncake game since I left Manila 3 years ago and I am so happy to bring this memory alive once again in Canada. :)

Our Menu


Taho (Philippine Style)
Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream Bar

Four Season Juice
* * *

* The Spread

* The Lumpia
Fresh Lumpia Hubad

This is the star of the event. All the hard work put into making this dish. The manual shredding and cutting of veggies into small pieces... It was well worth the hard work.

* The additional(s) for the lumpia

These are the little things that are put together with the wrap to made each bite crunchy :)

* Embutido from Go Family

Of course, BBQ is still in the menu and Chef Stone manned the BBQ grill together with Karl :)

* Manning the BBQ Grill

Karaoke was scheduled at 3-4 pm... The Ang`s came early and did the early sound check for the system ;)
Twinny was dancing and owning up to being the singer of the day, doing song requests as well...

* Karaoke- Diva Twinny

* Bonding male to male

The in laws decided to buy safe things as prizes for the game. Everyone drinks so...

* Juice as prizessss... Practical eh!

* All the way form Manila... Instructions to refer to

Kendrick and Alanna seems to be having all the luck, while ahem, our tandem (Karl and I) managed to get 3 juices for the duration of the game... At least I won`t be thirsty

* Ampao (red money envelope) for the bigger prices...

* Go Family

* This little fella threw a good dice...
One try and got an ampao and moon cake on his first try...
Good Job Kenzo :)

* Cheat Sheet

* Twinny and Dianne

* Winning Shot

* Way to Go Alanna

* Closer....

* Does not care about the game

* Three Gals...

* All of us gals...

* * * * *

Burnaby, B.C.

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