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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skating with more confidence

This is the 3rd skating lesson for both Kimi and Kalen...

* Early for a little photo shoot :)
Top and Shorts: Joe but Superstore; Leggings: Carters
Leather Vest: Europe from Uncle Eric

* Kimi does her dainty little pose

* Quesadillas and Hot Chocolate for snacks
...Kimi does her big eye look for the camera :)

You know that the kids are progressing inside the rink when the mommies started talking more and watching the kids less. It doesn't mean that we are not as interested as before but we are more confident that the kids can finally balance and we can finally let out a sigh of relief and get our guards down.

Progress are not as fast but every lesson has something added to help kids learn without letting them realize that they are learning. 

The best thing is that Kimi is looking forward to ice skating classes even if she is tired and must come straight from school to the lessons.

* Chummies

* Mommy Glends and Kalen... having her fill of picture for the day

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