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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sooo Pure...

It was a celebration of a single gal turning into a married woman... 

it was a Bridal shower for Candz.... Ssssh! She was led to believe that it was just a pamper activity and when the sash and the crown were revealed. She finally got the idea that it was all for her... :)

* Purple sandals... Fave color of the bride to be...

* Amethyst Flipflops from Old Navy

We decided to make purple the theme just for the fact that it was Candz's fave color...

* Personalized Tags to make it more special...

I don't see them often but it was nice to finally get reunited for a get together and update each other on life... :) 

* Richmond Girls....

* Picture with Ms. Bride to Be

* Getting Pampered

* Spa Book for Candz

* Mani Service

* Les, Char, Nico and Candz

* Nico, Steph, Candz and Mel

* Car, Twins, Mel and Les

* Showing off the nails....

* Miss-es

* Nico, Steph, Char and Candz

* Mel and Candz

* All Pampered Up

* Gift Giving at Pure Nail Bar

* * * * * 
Yaletown, B.C.

We proceeded to Richmond for dinner. Estea was the choice since it was big and roomy for  a group of 10.

* Estea Time

* Kate, Mel, Car and Twins

* Estea All

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

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