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Saturday, September 10, 2011

There is a new girl in town...

The American Girl in Alderwood Mall is now open. I actually planned this trip just to see what is the hype about this store...

I was expecting a lot of people lining up but since it was opened a few weeks or probable a few months ago, there was no line. Good sign if you have two tired kids in tow. Kimi was asking to be taken to Babies r us while I was pulling her to find where is the new store. We actually went around the whole mall looking for a sign of the American Girl store but there was none so we decided to park inside a parking area with roof. Turns out is was on the other side and that the reason why there was no sign of the store was because it was not located at the perimeter of the mall. It was outdoor but it also has an indoor door from which we entered.

* This was the facade from the outside

I was expecting more from the facade but since I entered from the mall, this was all I see :)

* The facade from the mall
Nevertheless, my little model strikes her pose for a picture.

* My Chinese-American (Filipina-Canadian) Girl

* Little pamphlets about the store and the dolls...

* Signage 

 * Cashier

There was no lines in the cashier at all but almost every girl there is carrying a doll... It felt like a cult and it makes you kind of out of place if you don't have a doll... Almost tempted.....

...there was also a bookstore with American Girl books and a bistro. I saw a room you can also rent for an American Girl Birthday with a wall for hanging their beloved dolls.. The bistro was nice but it was full and the next one was 5pm, I decided not to spend too much time in the store since it was hubby's first time in this area. I actually asked if we were allowed to eat if we don't have a doll (toink!), I think they get these crazy questions a lot because she wasn't surprised and informed me that there were dolls for rent -free in case we just want to experience the bistro. The concept of the bistro is that you can eat with your doll and you feel like a mommy. The doll has their own chair to sit on. I personally don't need to feel like a mommy again but maybe when we go to LA, we might do an American Girl bistro then :) just so Kimi will have that experience. 

* American Girl Cafe

They have these small ones that costs less but I think it is better for a collector than for kids...

* Little Am-girls

* Doll Display Modules

* I love how the boxes are all lined up neatly

* Specially made holder for the dolls...

There were a lot of open dolls displayed in each shelf and boxed dolls on the sides. Clothes, accessories, bed, anything a doll would want is there for the taking buying so if you want to accessorize your doll completely, be sure to reach deep into your pockets since it is not cheap. It was an experience though like Build a Bear but the doll itself is worth $60 each for one twin and $100 for a set of twin

* Baby Doll Display

This was the doll we initially wanted to buy Kimi. The Asian girl twin. She wanted the Caucasian though and we decided to go walk around the store and see if she will relent if she comes out empty handed (he he!)

* Twins Display

The store was featuring the Hawaiian doll. Kanani is a model or a name of the doll I am not sure but they have booths set up inside the store with Hawaiian motif to tie up to Kanani

 * Hula dance demo

* Kanani Booth

There was the build you own flower lei (for the doll, of course!)

* Welcome Lei for the doll sign

* Got a pack anyway

You can also make you own summer hat... Now the hat is for the normal girl (yey!)

* Summer Hat booth

* Stickers to accent the hat

* Creative artist at work...
For the bigger dolls (8+), it costs $100 each and they have more variety for these ages.

* Dolls for 8+

If you have the doll already, you can do the other things to personalize your little princess...

A Matching tee? 

* Let your CreativiTEE juice flow 

* Personalize them to match

Doll shirt $10
Girl Shirt $24

...or maybe you'd rather have your doll get a new do?

* Doll Hair styles to choose from

* Doll Hair Salon

* Doll Hairdresser

...there was also an ear piercing service that costs $14 if I am not mistaken...

Kenzo was a bit cranky by then and we were also tired because we went here after going to several stops from our journey.... :(

* HOHUM...True blue guy... bored from the doll strolling

* Saw the camera and decided to flash a smile...

We ended up empty-handed but happy to see this store. Let's see if we will remain empty handed the next time ;)

 * * * * *
Lynnwood, WA

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