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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dollar Smart Halloween Costumes

I love a great buy and with Halloween right around the corner, Halloween costumes are getting a real big dive for last minute moms.

I found some costumes at my favorite dollar store :)

Even though I got some costumes early, I couldn't help but snag these cuties just in case...

* Cute Pumpkin... $2

* Kenzo doesn't like to put on the headpiece :(

I found some cool accessories as well...

* Orange hair extensions $1, Tutu at $2

I also love the shirt which I got a few months ago on a sale at less than $5 :)

* Witch Hat $1.25- $2

* Cuteeee!

I also found a Halloween set which was not too appealing on the shelf but I took a chance on because it was just $2. Turns out cute too!

* Halloween Set $2; Witch Hat $1.25- $2

Can't find any orange one to complement with this costume but this red hat is too cute to resist.

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