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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Observation Class

This is my first observation class for the year.

I wasn't going to miss this because there was a turnover and we got new teachers this year and I wanted to see for myself how Kimi is faring on her 2nd year here.

I do not have any doubts about Kimi fitting in and doing what is expected of her. I can see that she listens well even at home. What I want to see is what she is doing this year.

* The space looks bigger with the bar transferred to the other wall

* Early worms... Kimi starts building her block
from biggest to the smallest up

Kimi actually did this way back when she was not yet 2 years old (at home) and I actually saw this one being done last year during my observation

* Sorry for the blurred image. Trying to capture without getting too obvious

Last year, she was doing the blocks and the phonetic words during observation. I am happy to see though that they are focusing on number this year. She was given numbers to put into order and dots to represent each numbers. I hope that they focus back on the phonetic and reading as well as music as the months progress as well as doing simple maths.

* Numbers in order

It was only a 30 minute observation so I can not really tell a whole lot from that experience. It was good to see them all well behaved and using their quiet voice inside the classroom and seeing them so discipline in cleaning up when they spilled something and doing things for themselves. Kimi does that at home too so it was not one of my concern but I saw boys in the room doing that and it makes me feel good when it is finally Kenzo who needs to start preschool.

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