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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Kenzo Picasso

Our markers and anything not fit for an active toddler are way out of reach.

It was just one day I was labelling pasalubongs (gifts) for Manila that I went to the bathroom, it was not even a minute when I found Kenzo's creative tendencies marked on our beige wall. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!

* An indication of how big this was?
The lower box is the electrical outlet cover...

I could feel the blood draining out of my body as I saw that he also done the wall on the other side :(

Then I heard Kimi's voice from behind: "Look mommy, he drew a small "L" " 
hmmm... not a good time to be observant, Kimi

I am so glad that I found the solution for marker stains on the wall...

With a lot of elbow grease and the help of toothpaste and alcohol :)

* Good as new... YEY!

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