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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Level 1 Ice skating... PASSED!

After 7 lessons of skating inside the ice rink...

* Ice Skating Progress Report

We PASSED! Level 2, Here we come!

What do we need to do to pass Level 1?
* Fall down and get up unassisted
* Balance and Posture
* Take 6 steps without falling
* Touch both toes
* Bounce up and down 6 times
* Skate across the rink (any style)
* Backward stepping for 6 steps

...and we COMPLETED all these!

It was close to Halloween the last day of the class. Hence, the decorations... 
So, more photos :)

* Kimi in her regular clothes

* With Kalen in their Skating gear

* Skating Duo

* Boo! Scary Cuties

* Brooms for the hockey lessons probably...

* Duo in action

* By her lonesome

I'm so happy that Kimi was really confident with skating. She loves it a lot and that a chunk of her enjoying it is the fact that she got Kalen as her skating buddy throughout the lesson. 

* * * * *
Preschool Level 1 Ice Skating
Vancouver, B.C.

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