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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little tidbits about my dad

"Silent water runs deep"
this is the best description of my dad.
He doesn't talk a lot
but when asked, he can dish out a lot of things 
about stuffs that he saw on TV during the late nights that my mom is asleep.
That is the thing about my dad, he lets my mom get the prime time in TV
then he gets the time on TV when my mom is sleeping.
Lucky mom eh!?
* Relaxing in the Hotel Rendezvous

* * *
I also remember how my dad always drove me to and from school
he also cook(ed/s)everyday for the family.
If we loved something from a restaurant
he'd try to replicate them at home.
Lucky us too...
I learned that love not only with words but especially with your actions.

* Grandpa's Girl

He loves to watch wrestling.
I know I don't look the part
but I used to watched wrestling late nights with my dad
that was the time Hulk Hogan was the main man in the ring.
I learned to appreciate doing not so girly stuffs with him.

* Strong enough to carry me...

He is very simple.
Sometimes a bit "too" much.
He is a man with only requires the most basic of needs and stick on it.
Credit card? Nope.
He doesn't need to get tempted with that plastic, thank you!
He doesn't do technology.
Cellphones? Nope. Computer? Nope.
unbelievable at this day and age eh!?
He does things manually. He is good great with his hands.
With this in mind, I learned that if life gets too complicated,
get back to the basics.

* Fish Massage in SG

Speaking of hands, 
One of our bonding moments are the art projects.
I miss that the most here when I am nearing the kid's birthday
my hubby don't do artsy stuff.
my dad? he starts a project with me and when I get too tired and exhausted
...he finishes them like the elves and the shoemaker story
I wake up and sees the finish product in our folding table.
The best thing is that it is always done in utmost care with attention to details.
I remember the dollhouse project before in school
he went so far as to make wallpaper for each room with silkscreen patterns.
* * *
My dad was also a big instrument when I won an award
for a university wide contest for a recycled decor.
I whined when my dad literally got all the junk in the house to help me make this decor.
I thought that maybe I could buy things that could pass up as junk to do them.
He has another thing coming. He got the face of an electric fan. 
Some felt type fabric which was an old cover for our car.
Some foam from old things and more...
I couldn't see anything from them but he did.
You know what? I won the contest 
I learned to think outside the box, give them more than what is required.

* Resorts World

He is my Math and Science teacher.
He is not that good in English subjects,
but when it comes to numbers, He is the man.
He is the one who got me to memorize the whole multiplication chart.
I used to cry a lot when we do math home works.
He is not that patient and gets fired up 
when I don't want to use his formula to solve the problem. 
I wanted to follow the teacher's formula
while he insisted that his is better.
It was not all bad, I learned to that problems in life can be solved in different ways. 
Open your mind to other possibilities.

* Goodbyes again... :'(

I never thought that when I grow up,
I will be away far from them to start my own family
I always thought that they'd be a few minutes drive away to rescue me
when I fall or need a hand
I decided to do this blog regularly to update them on what is up with us here.
It never occurred to me that my parents and siblings
won't see my kids growing up with weekly visits
but through pictures and phone calls,
that they'd see them personally every few months apart.
I am hoping though that my dad gets to meet Kenzo soon.
He is the only one in both sides of the family 
who hasn't got that chance to hold him yet.

* Sad to be leaving Manila

My dad always does everything for the family
and never asks anything for himself
I am so glad that I did the Manila trip this March 2011
to be with my original family to bond.
Kimi came with me and she was able to bond with them as well.
She enjoyed every bit of her stay, being the center of attention
and all you can eat mangoes everyday.
We don't do trip as a family when we were younger,
the last was 1985 U.S.A. when our youngest wasn't even born.
the youngest is 22 now.

 I wished  to go for a trip with my family for my birthday and I got it
Thanks to my hubby who took care of Kenzo
The Manila trip was a great way for me to bond with relatives from my mom's side
...and with my family as well as old friends
I couldn't ask for anything after that
but the Singapore trip was even better,
we had a few days to bond a bit more - and it was the BEST!

* Guama, I will miss you

* Little Passenger leaving NAIA

* * *

To my dad,

My wish for your birthday is more blessings
more years
and a chance to come visit us in Canada
to meet Kenzo
and to hug Kimi once again.
She misses you dearly,
as much as we do


P.S. I'd like to ask for your support to move up on the list of nominees once again



Teena in Toronto said...

Nice tribute to your dad.

Jason said...

i just read this. so nice! heartwarming :)


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