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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mac's Mickey Costume Birthday Party

The "ber" months is the busiest months here in Canada. There are birthdays monthly to look forward to and the first one to throw the "ber" party is Macky. They decided to throw a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/ Costume party this year to celebrate the 2nd year.

* Birthday Boy Macky

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a fully geared character which turns out to be Charlie. 

* Birthday Boy's dad as White Vader?
(Sorry, I don't know who this character is)

I dressed up Kimi as Snow White and Kenzo as a doggy. Initially, I wanted Kenzo to be Dopey the dawrf to Kimi's Snow White. It was hard to find a Dopey costume. I guess parents don't really love the idea of their kids as a dwarf.

* Kimi as Snow White

* Children's Place Dog for Kenzo

This is the only costume of Kenzo with the head part. He was so irritated with this costume the first time I tried it on him I decided to do it every so often to let him get used to it. Days turns into weeks and when I decided to give up and return it, I was told that if I returned it, only $4.99will be refunded to me. Uh- Oh!
I decided to take my chances on the costume anyway.

I was lucky enough to get the body part in. Event he sight of the fur makes him cry out in frustration. It took a lot of bribery to get him suited....but the head part is still a NO-NO!

* Happy to be head-less

Mommy Joy is a diva in the kitchen. I am not surprised that she did all the cooking and the baking for the whole party. How she can juggle 2 kids while making a party complete with a fondant cake which she did for the first time is beyond me but this is what she did and more. She also managed to dress up for the party as a Retro Lady and fit right into the party looking fresh and without any stress evident in her face.

* First time to use fondant. Woohoo! Success

* Mickey Cake

Mommy Glenda was not planning to go in a costume but I guess a great idea came as she came out of the shower and she decided to wear the bathrobe out and be a geisha :) Peace Glenda! Warren came as a warrior of some sort. 

* Warrior and his geisha :)

* Role reversal

For someone who was not planning on a costume, Glenda did such a great job with hers that she won the Adults Category Best Costume. The winner for the Adult Category was voted by all the kids present in the party.

* The Winner! - Adult Category

As for the Kids Category, there were three top prizes: Most Creative, Most Original and Overall. The Adults chose the winner for the kids and the only rule was that you cannot vote for your own kid.

* Most Original: Tyler

* Most Creative: Kalen

* Just posing... 

* Overall: Braden

* Traditional singing of the Birthday song and Cake cutting

It was so much fun and both kids and adult were able to catch up as we ate our delicious cake and cupcakes.

* Kimi, Macky and Gabbie

... and as remembrance of the wonderful party, we got nice loots to take home as well.

* Such nice personalized tags

* Kenzo and Samantha has the same posing coach hehe!

We had our pictures taken as a group. It would be so much better if Mommy Sarah was there to celebrate with us. There will be next time though :)

* Mommies: Jo, Mel, Glenda and Joy

* * * * *

Thank you to Daddy Charlie and Mommy Joy

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