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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Pinoy Spread for Thanksgiving

We have finally relented to doing a thanksgiving but we decided to do it with Filipino food

* Dressing up for the event

Since, there was no thanksgiving spread in our home, we decided to do it with friends that we also consider as family.... The Ang's :) Stone and Twinny :)

We decided to indulge and choose one dish each. Thanksgiving is about bountiful harvest so we are not scrimping on food today he he!

* No Turkey... Crispy pata, Anyone?! - Mel's Choice

* Pancit Palabok - To everlasting friendship. Karl's Choice
* Pancit Canton

* Nilagang Baka - Hot and Tasty. Twinny's Choice

* Lengua in White Sauce- Twinny chose this for Stone ;) 

Kimi changed her jacket for something thicker. It is getting cold here :(

* Gap Dress; Zara Top, Black Leggings and Gray boot from Joe :)

* * * * *

I am thankful for my family...
my hubby, a pillar of strength
my babies, the source of my happiness
my in laws, a big help in my everyday life
my family from afar- my mom and dad
...little brothers, I sorely miss you a lot.
You are the ones that makes my stay here in Canada incomplete... friends here who has been more like a family to me
The Mommies- you don't know how happy I am to have found you guys
Stone and Twinny- my constant weekend companions. Food buddies...
Thank you (Mommies and Ang couple) for being there whenever I need anything, 
the help are there without me asking for it, I am so grateful...

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