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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Red Duo

Red is a color that symbolizes happiness so such color is used when an important occasion arises such as birthdays... weddings, new year.

Both Kimi and Kenzo wore red to celebrate their Nana's 60th celebration. The real birthday is on the 5th of October, but we decided on celebrating it on an earlier weekend so that Kendrick and Alanna can join us on the family celebration. :)

* Kimi : Top from Children's Place, Shirt from Xhiliration
Kenzo: Top from Crazy 8 (Glenda) as well as the pants...

Kenzo is finally getting it. He can finally freeze for awhile for me to be able to take his pictures without motion. YEY!!!

* Kenzooooo happy

Kimi looks so big when standing next to Kenzo. I can't believe how fast both them are growing...

* Love my bro

* You are my strength

* Love this big laugh. :-D

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