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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two old friends, meet again...

Heidi is an old friend of mine. We attended the same college but became friends when we became co-workers at Dexterton Corporation (then Dexterton Industrial Corporation). Both of us graduated Interior Design and was given the still new furniture category to look after. We had the whole 6th floor to ourselves and I was a witness to the courtship between Adrian and Heidi which eventually led to marriage. They now have two beautiful daughters. She was as well a witness and some sort of a bridge to me and my hubby, Karl. Heidi is actually a very good friend of mine even after I resigned from work.

 I was also the Maid of Honor in their wedding back in 2006.

* This was me and Karl  during Heidi and Adrian`s Wedding -November 14, 2006

* Mel and Heidi :) 2006
Gown: Larry Espinosa

 She is Kimi`s godmother also (2008).

* Outside Mary the Queen Church: 
(L-R) Joy, Heidi, Karl, Kimi, Mel, Ciara, Hannah- May 05, 2008

* (L-R) Heidi, Mel, Karl, Kimi and Harvey- May 05, 2008

The first meeting took place between our daughters, Aimee and Kimi last January 2009

* Aimee, Heidi, Mel and Kimi- January 04, 2009

Heidi and I have a lot in common. We have the same moral and I guess think in the same wavelength. I love talking to her and she gives really good and practical advice. One more thing we have in common is that we marry same year and the gap between our two kids is almost 2 years. Heidi gave birth September 2007 and 2009. I, on the other hand, gave birth December 2007 and 2009. Heidi`s second daughter is my goddaughter.

* Richmond Food court- January 04, 2009

* At Home- January 06, 2009

Fast forward to 2011, here we are again together for a fast catch up at Northern Delicacy. Unfortunately, I wasn`t able to take a picture of Sherilyn (2nd daughter of Heidi and Adrian)

* Kimi, Kenzo and Aimee

* Bonding over Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD

Older and Wiser Us....

* Heidi and Mel :)- October 30, 2011

* Heidi with first born, Aimee

* (L-R) Adrian, Heidi, Mel, Kenzo, Karl

* Another shot but Kenzo is hard to catch :(

* Busy with the DVD Player

* Kenzo with Heidi and Mel

* There! A front shot of Kenzo :)

* Close Buddies

* Kenzo and Ninong Stone

I love Aberdeen Center`s decoration. Every occasion always gets a real makeover that is always great for picture taking.

* Eerie Setup

* Scary eh

* Love the piano. Nice Touch

* Kimi looks a bit scared

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

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