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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Weekend with the Family

Time is ticking and soon enough Kendrick and Alanna will be leaving us once again to go home :(

It was hard to bond with kids and schedules such as work and school in between so we just rely on the weekends to go out together as a family.

* Ready for lunch out :)

* (L-R) Anne, Chris, Uncle Alfonso, Papa Arsenio and Mama Maria

* Brothers United: Karl Kelvin and Karl Kendrick
with Kimi, Alanna, Caitlyn and Auntie Felisa

* Plus Avery, Minus Kimi
...the kids comes in and out of the pictures... :)

* Lovebirds...

* Ching and Go Family

* (L-R) Mel, Kenzo, Karl Kelvin, Karl Kendrick, Kimi and Alanna

* Our Family : Chua :)

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