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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little playdate

We had a mini reunion for the weekend.

The gals - Twins. Les. Mel
together with hubbies Stone. EJ. Karl
....of course, the babies are included in that meetup

Baby Theo. Kimi and Kenzo

We met Baby Theo when we first visited Mommy Leslie at her house after she gave birth.
It was all new to her and she couldn't talk as much then.
It was all about adjustment and breastfeeding,
so we went our ways after giving Baby Theo his welcoming gift.

This time around, Baby Theo is 4 months old
Mommy Les and Daddy EJ has gone from a novice in baby rearing
to some sort of experts in a matter of months. :)

Meanwhile, Kimi and Kenzo ran around the house,
playing and going up and down the stairs
quite comfortable in our friend's house.

The three only got to bond when we went upstairs for a little talk between the girls
bringing with us the little kiddos,
while the dad watched the football game downstairs.

* Baby Theo and Kenzo

...watching Tangled haha! (Kimi's choice)

* Three is a crowd it seems for Kenzo

* Whooooo's behind that chair

...of course the one with the longest arms to hold Theo safe.
Thanks Twinny!

* Kimi becomes sisterly once again over Baby Theo

* Siblings shares a seat

...then back home

As you all know,
I love to take Kimi's outfit at our blank wall.
This time around, Kenzo had his turn.
He stood still long enough for me to get some nice pictures....

* Little Heartbreaker

* Million dollar smile

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

5 years...Forever to go

 Five years ago, I walked down the aisle towards my future.

* Toward the end of the aisle, a new start

A million things raced in my mind as I marched down to meet my parents then finally towards the end toward my soon-to-be husband. I instructed myself to distance myself from thinking emotional thoughts, knowing that I am quite emotional. As the big door opened for me to start my moment, the floodgates to everything that is going to happen rushed through my head and needless to say, I cried from step one to the last step :(. I thought about the new life I am going to embark. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to start that journey but more than scared for I know that I will starting my married life in a  country far, far away. Away from the comforts of the country I am used to, away from all the friends and family that has been my security blanket since forever.

* My new husband comforted the crybaby of a wifey

* Time for the pictorial

So much has happened after that wedding. The ups and the downs. The conflicts and differences that made us more stronger as a couple and made us much more united now more than ever. The emotional journey of being new parents and the discovery of the best way to rear our kids in a whole new country.

* A Dozen of roses for me :)

Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration, love and strength to me and our babies. 

We love you


Monday, November 21, 2011

Arts and Crafts Party

Every year, we do a joint party for both Kimi and Kenzo. 

I am tempted to do two separate party but I don't think it is quite practical to do so at this time when we have same sets of friends to invite and with just 2 weeks in between. Maybe when they are older we can do two smaller parties when they are big enough to have their own minds and friends to celebrate it with.

This year, Kimi wanted Tangled which has been her newest movie favorite of the year and I talked to her and asked her if she would do Arts and Crafts theme for the year since Tangled love to paint and that a princess party will be too feminine for Kenzo. 

I am lucky that Kimi is easy to persuade and she got excited over her new party theme. 

Like last year, I asked Kimi to help with the preparation so that she will get more excited over her party. I was so caught up with the vacation we were having that I completely put the party planning on hold and realized just how close it was by the time we got back from our vacation :(

First, the venue.
We decided to book the same venue from last year because of how close it was to our house plus the discount we got because of my father in law :)

Second, the invites.

* Sealed with a letter "K"

I don't have wax seals at home, only the wax stamp and with the time constraint I decided to make use of  play doh to create the seal. 

* Create an invite

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Celebration for the "Ber" month

I've mentioned in my past blog entry just how busy the "ber" month is busy for us here.

When I was new here (2008), I was homesick especially towards Christmas.
Kimi's first birthday consist of one table to celebrate with family and relatives.
I felt lonely then.

The next year (2009), I was expecting Kenzo and had a bit more friends, 
it was better with a small get together in a clubhouse.
When Kenzo was born, 
I was glad to be included to the 
Ong's (Sarah's side of the family)Christmas Get Together...
Bringing a week old Kenzo with us, 
we joined the celebration and felt a bit like being home. my brother was here to celebrate Christmas with me.

Year 2010 was a bit like the year before, my brother, Eric 
came which I was more than happy about.
I am starting a new tradition here. :)
The yearly Ong Gathering and a bigger party 
to celebrate the back to back birthdays of my kids.

This year, we welcomed another part of the family to celebrate for next year
- Shawn Grayson Dy -

Sarah was the first mom I met in a party 
and turns out that her hubby is related to Glenda's hubby.
Both of them are now one of the closest mommy friends to my heart 
and considers them more a family rather than just friends. 
I will never forget how Sarah took upon herself 
and babysat Kimi while I was giving birth
then even cooked up a whole pot of Arroz Caldo 
as soon as we got home from the hospital.
Glenda on the other hand was one of the first visitors 
to come to our home to meet Kenzo.
She is the most generous friend 
and showers the two with clothes and things regularly.

This is the time that busy is actually good :)
I can't wait for next year's line up of get together 
with all the celebrations of birthdays and Christmas party.

Once Again, Congratulations to Steve and Sarah.
I still can't believe the will of these two people to wait for the birth to found out the gender...

I even tempted Sarah with a Gender test I found at a store...
...I guess it backfired and I was more tempted than the parents to be :)

* Proud Father with Little Shawn

* Baby Shawn

* * * * *
November 19, 2011
Richmond General Hospital
Richmond, B.C.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shekinah's Royal Celebration

Kimi started at the middle of the school year school last January 2011. I was quite nervous as to how she will accept this change plus the fact that she will be the new girl. I was so happy that as we were going up the step to her new school, a bubbly girl came to greet my little girl. Kimi got a new friend and since that first day, she always comes home with stories about this girl who made her feel welcomed that first school day. That little girl who made quite an impact on Kimi was Shekinah.

Fast forward to October, I got an invitation from Jennie Lynn (Shekinah's mom). It was an invite to Princess Shekinah's birthday, it originally fell on a date that we were supposed to be on our U.S. trip. It was really fortunate that the party date was changed to a week from the original date and we can finally say yes to the party.

The Royal Celebration was held last November 19th, 2011

* Party Invites

The kids were encouraged to wear their favorite princess costume. Shekinah came as Princess Arieland since I had Snow White for Kimi this Halloween. I was quite happy to be able to use it again for this year. 

* Princess Ariel came to Shekinah's party

* Nice Setup. Cake Pops and Balloon Sculpture

* Birthday Cake... Under the Sea Scenery

Princess Ariel kept the kids entertained for awhile...

* Princess Ariel got a gift for the birthday girl

* Kimi with fellow classmate, Olivia

* Princess Ariel(sssss)

There was a photo op with Princess Ariel at the end of the party too :)
... Burnaby Montessori students

* Olivia

* Eshaan

* Gabriela

* Kimi

* Birthday Girl Shekinah

* Kenzo with his strawberry

* Snow White and Princess Ariel fight scene Act I
* Truce :)

* * * * *

Monday, November 14, 2011

LAX_San Diego Reunion

I decided to put all the pictures of our reunion with college friends in one entry just so it will be in one place...

Aside from our meetup at Cheesecake Factory that first day, we spent the weekend together at 

Sea World 

* Kc with the kiddos

Kc arrived later than we did. Better late than not!

* Kc and Mel...too big for the turtle he he!

* Kimi and Vince... Just right for the turtle

* All aboard....
Mel, Kc and Honey
Vince, Zach and Kimi

* Zach and Kimi 

* Uncle Ver doing the nanny duty 
with kids Kimi, Zach and Vince

* Honey holding onto Ver ;), Kimi Kc, Zach, Vince, Mel and Karl

* Look shock? It was because it was dark inside
We just played with the camera and see what will turn out...

* Big eyes... Vince looks confused :)

* Karl and Kimi

* Weird me... Honey looks natural here... boohoo!

* Kiko, Kc and Vince

Villa Manila

* Vince, Kimi and Zach

* All of us

Olive Garden

* Hon, Mel and Kc

Dy's House

* Everyone

Thanks to the Dy Family 
for the warm reception throughout our stay
* * *
Thanks to Kiko and Kc 
for meeting us several times despite the busy schedule

My Memory of Disney 80's

My first trip to Disney World (Florida) was back in 1985. 
I was 5 then, and we were a family of 4 (we are a family of 5 now). 
That was our first trip as a family, and it was never repeated until last March, 2011 
when I came home to Manila and went to Singapore. 
That was my birthday wish which hubby readily gave me. 
He actually took his vacation leave 
and stayed home just to let me go home for our family getaway. 
Thank you again hubby! 

Back to the topic on hand,
my memory of that first Disney trip was very vague. 
I don't know if that memory were truly memories
or was it something I've watched from the video 
(...that video recorder used to be called betamax then)
my dad recorded during that trip.

Whatever it was, two things I remember from that trip
The Dumbo Ride and the attraction called, It's a Small World.

I was eager to let Kimi try both rides 
just so she can have that same experience that I had as a girl.
She enjoyed both rides immensely.


* Dumbo shaped shrub

* Ready to fly

* Mommy and Kimi


I was choosing over watching the night show Fantasmic 
in the evening on Sunday straight from San Diego 
or going on Monday in time for the opening of It's a Small World
which was the first day 
because it was under construction for the first two days we came to Disney... 
So, the third day was spend on a Monday am so that we can do the It's a Small World.

* It's a Small World from outside

* Sign of the Small World

* Geometric Landscapes

* Daddy and Kimi awaiting outside

 * Ride is about to begin

I videod the whole experience
1 * 2

* 1/2 video

* 2/2 video

* Nice Tree shapes

* * * * *
Fantasyland, Disneyland Park
Anaheim, California


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