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Monday, November 21, 2011

Arts and Crafts Party

Every year, we do a joint party for both Kimi and Kenzo. 

I am tempted to do two separate party but I don't think it is quite practical to do so at this time when we have same sets of friends to invite and with just 2 weeks in between. Maybe when they are older we can do two smaller parties when they are big enough to have their own minds and friends to celebrate it with.

This year, Kimi wanted Tangled which has been her newest movie favorite of the year and I talked to her and asked her if she would do Arts and Crafts theme for the year since Tangled love to paint and that a princess party will be too feminine for Kenzo. 

I am lucky that Kimi is easy to persuade and she got excited over her new party theme. 

Like last year, I asked Kimi to help with the preparation so that she will get more excited over her party. I was so caught up with the vacation we were having that I completely put the party planning on hold and realized just how close it was by the time we got back from our vacation :(

First, the venue.
We decided to book the same venue from last year because of how close it was to our house plus the discount we got because of my father in law :)

Second, the invites.

* Sealed with a letter "K"

I don't have wax seals at home, only the wax stamp and with the time constraint I decided to make use of  play doh to create the seal. 

* Create an invite

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.

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