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Monday, November 07, 2011

Disney Day 01: Entering the park

We're finally here! 

I think I was more excited than Kimi for she doesn't know what awaits her inside this arch.

* Enter the World of Magic

* This greeted us inside the big lobby that seperates
Disney Park (right) and California Adventure (left)

* Entrance Tickets
3 Day Park Hopper :)

* Papa and Kimi 

Trivia: This was actually the first time for K to enter Disney as well. 
I was excited to let hubby see just how magical and well worth the price of the tickets are.

* Kimi as the Leaning tower of Kimi

* Wish Kenzo was here to complete the picture

* Sorry Mickey it's our turn at the spotlight :)

Will post more pictures. I couldn't do Disney in one entry. So much to share :)

* * * * *
Anaheim, California

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