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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Downtown L.A.

I celebrated the first part of the day of hubby's birthday with my other Honey, Honey. :)

 Hubby agreed to stay home to bond with Kimi and get some much needed rest for the weekend's activity.
Honey took off a day's work and took the public transportation with me to experience Downtown L.A.

* Grauman's Chinese Theatre

We tried to get a shot of the Hollywood as the background but it was too small and focuses either on us or the sign. We decided to focus on us he he!

* Mel and Honey.... and the miniscule Holywood sign

Our itinerary was to walk and see Kodak Theatre...

* Kodak Theatre

Honey's crush in college. They also share the same birthday

I didn't expect to see Snow White here...

....and the finale, fresh from the shooting of Breaking Dawn

* Wax of Robert Pattison

It was time for lunch and decided on Rolling Stone

* Spicy steamed Clams and Mussels

* Creamy Orochiette

* Cowboy Bone in Ribeye

* My Date, Honey :)

It was a great afternoon of catching up and bonding under the afternoon sun. It was like being transformed back to the time when we were college students waiting for our cars to pick us up and we just talk about anything under the sun. 

Thanks Honey for the wonderful lunch 
and taking time for a great afternoon bonding.

* * * * *
California, U.S.A.

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