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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Getting Tangled...

Being Kimi's favorite Disney Princess as of the moment, Tangled deserved an entry all by itself.

We didn't catch Princess Tangled on our 1st Disney day. She has her own picture taking line up and her shift ends at 5:00 P.M.

We decided to go straight to her picture area the next day. There was a line up as soon as we arrived. I guess everyone loves Tangled just as Kimi does...

* Tangled Marker

* The view from our line up

* My Princess dressed in Minnie inspired skirt.

* The Tangled Photo House

* Guard in costume

Since we were taking a bit of a time in the front, I decided to get a picture of Kimi with the guard in the entrance.

* Kimi and the Tangled guard...

Finally, we were inside the room waiting for our turn...

* Little fans taking their time with Princess Rapunzel

* Princess Rapunzel

Kimi was in awe and a bit speechless when she got her turn with the Princess. She kept on smiling and nodding dumbly... Sigh*

* Princess Rapunzel having a conversation with... herself

* Princess Rapunzel and my little Princess Kimi

* (L-R) Rapunzel, Kimi and Mel

* * * * *
Fantasyland, Dineyland Park
Anaheim, California

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