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Friday, November 11, 2011

Homewood Suites by Hilton

It was a fun way to end the Sea World Adventure. 

A slumber party for half of my college friends.

Mel. Honey. KC

We met 11 years ago back in U.S.T. 
taking up Interior Designing...
we endure the 4 years of college supporting each other
through endless nights of plates
listening to the radio
humoring each other after a night of frustrated crying from all the projects
almost giving up... but holding on until the end.

Now, after years of surviving in different places,
we managed to keep in touch through different avenues
just to update each other
to keep the friendship alive even through distance and time zones.

It was really something that I am excited about,
to meet up once again
not as singles but mature married women
some with kids, some just enjoying married life.

As we saw each other,
it seems that all those years apart melted 
and we chattered like the college girls that we used to be.
we settled the kids early, bought some coffee for a late night catching up,
while the guys went down for the night 
to acquaint themselves with a game or two of billiards.

Our home for the weekend:

2 Bedroom Suite
King size - Dy Family (Honey)
Queen size- Chua Family (Mel)
Pullout Sofa- Agbada couple (KC)

* Dining Area

* Living Area

* Queen Size Bedroom

* Sink was located outside the actual bathroom

* * * * *
2576 Laning Road
San Diego

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