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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Ice Skating: The Next Level

Today is the first day of Ice Skating for Level 2 students. Kalen and Kimi got the earlier slot for the next class and even if it was all rushed than the one we had before. We were excited what this new class has to offer. First off, we had to put on the first day labels to let the teacher recognize the skaters.

* Labels...

We saw the new teacher, Jade, doing drawings of ice creams in the ice. We were greeted by the young teacher then the teacher left Kimi and Kalen to walk on their skates to the middle of the rink. It was not like that the first level wherein the teacher always carry them to the middle of the rink but I guess that being able to move from the edge to the middle is already expected of them considering that they passed the first level. 

We saw Teacher Jade doing ice creams on the ice and wondered how it will help the kids when they were just asked to decorate their ice creams.... 

* Ice Cream drawings in the ice

We realized what she was planning when she demonstrated each kid to angle their feet and skate out without touching their ice cream then skate in to close. They sort of made a diamond shape with their feet and with a big ice cream in between they shouldn't step over, it was quite a feat especially for Kimi who is one of the smallest in the group.

* Diamond Pattern Skating

It was a big leap from the Level 1 wherein they skate as a beginner and the progress was slow. This one is progressing way more than I expected. It has it's advantage because I feel that they will be likely to strive more if more is expected of them.

* All done

Before we realized it, the first lesson is over and it was ready to part once again. Not without a picture together. :)

* Tired but they were in good spirit for a picture.

* * * * *
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