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Sunday, November 06, 2011

In n Out Foods...

I love shrimps! It reminds me of my mom when I eat butterfly shrimps (this is what my dad prepares for my mom in our house) and that is what my friend, Honey, prepared for us for our dinner in her house on our 2nd day.

* Ready to steam

* Oooh la la! Yumminess with all the garlicky scent and steamed just right

Now I know why Ver kept on saying just how close Honey's shrimp is as good, if not better, than what is served in Chinese Lauriat.

For our dine out food, it is the oh so famous In n Out Burgers. I started to get curious with this burger when I read that a Philippine actress (Judy Ann Santos) craved for this burger and her hubby asked someone from U.S. to fly this all the way to Manila just so the satisfy her wifey's craving. Sweet eh!? 

* Yumminess in between our hands

It was really fresh and the patties was not too thick and not too thin. I guess I now understand why they are raving about this burger. I am not much of a burger fan but I actually love they way it tastes. It was cooked on the spot after ordered. My only regret? I wasn't able to to try the milkshakes :(

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