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Monday, November 14, 2011

LAX_San Diego Reunion

I decided to put all the pictures of our reunion with college friends in one entry just so it will be in one place...

Aside from our meetup at Cheesecake Factory that first day, we spent the weekend together at 

Sea World 

* Kc with the kiddos

Kc arrived later than we did. Better late than not!

* Kc and Mel...too big for the turtle he he!

* Kimi and Vince... Just right for the turtle

* All aboard....
Mel, Kc and Honey
Vince, Zach and Kimi

* Zach and Kimi 

* Uncle Ver doing the nanny duty 
with kids Kimi, Zach and Vince

* Honey holding onto Ver ;), Kimi Kc, Zach, Vince, Mel and Karl

* Look shock? It was because it was dark inside
We just played with the camera and see what will turn out...

* Big eyes... Vince looks confused :)

* Karl and Kimi

* Weird me... Honey looks natural here... boohoo!

* Kiko, Kc and Vince

Villa Manila

* Vince, Kimi and Zach

* All of us

Olive Garden

* Hon, Mel and Kc

Dy's House

* Everyone

Thanks to the Dy Family 
for the warm reception throughout our stay
* * *
Thanks to Kiko and Kc 
for meeting us several times despite the busy schedule

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