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Friday, November 04, 2011

Family vacation minus Kenzo :(

Who says life is predictable? Not when you got two kids. Even planning a vacation can be changed a day before the date of the departure.

Kenzo had the normal coughing passed on from older sister, Kimi. I was actually hoping that it will end in coughing before we are scheduled for departure but it got worse, it turned into fever then today vomitting :(.

It was a hard decision for us but it was hard to change dates in less than a days time. Hotel booking can be changed but the work schedules are not. We wouldn't want to risk taking Kenzo and stress him with all the plans especially when I saw that there might be rain tge two weekends we are going to be in U.S. :( things were not looking for us but I am determined to enjoy this vacation with Kimi and hubby. I am so sorry little guy, I promise to make it up to you when we get back.

This is the time that I am so grateful we got the in laws upstair. It was easier to decide and leave Kenzo since he is used to them from everyday encounter with the grandparents. It is a bonus that my in laws really loves Kenzo and I know he would be in good hands.


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