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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little playdate

We had a mini reunion for the weekend.

The gals - Twins. Les. Mel
together with hubbies Stone. EJ. Karl
....of course, the babies are included in that meetup

Baby Theo. Kimi and Kenzo

We met Baby Theo when we first visited Mommy Leslie at her house after she gave birth.
It was all new to her and she couldn't talk as much then.
It was all about adjustment and breastfeeding,
so we went our ways after giving Baby Theo his welcoming gift.

This time around, Baby Theo is 4 months old
Mommy Les and Daddy EJ has gone from a novice in baby rearing
to some sort of experts in a matter of months. :)

Meanwhile, Kimi and Kenzo ran around the house,
playing and going up and down the stairs
quite comfortable in our friend's house.

The three only got to bond when we went upstairs for a little talk between the girls
bringing with us the little kiddos,
while the dad watched the football game downstairs.

* Baby Theo and Kenzo

...watching Tangled haha! (Kimi's choice)

* Three is a crowd it seems for Kenzo

* Whooooo's behind that chair

...of course the one with the longest arms to hold Theo safe.
Thanks Twinny!

* Kimi becomes sisterly once again over Baby Theo

* Siblings shares a seat

...then back home

As you all know,
I love to take Kimi's outfit at our blank wall.
This time around, Kenzo had his turn.
He stood still long enough for me to get some nice pictures....

* Little Heartbreaker

* Million dollar smile

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

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