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Monday, November 07, 2011

Marriott's Fairfield Inn

I wanted to make our stay in Disney a bit more convenient so we decided to book 2 nights in a hotel nearby even though my friend generously offered her house which was a 30 minute drive to Disneyland. I figured that staying a hotel nearby will lessen the chance of a stressful day when a kid gets tired and wanted an afternoon nap plus we won't rushed home early since it will be a stone throws away from the park.

I initially wanted the hotel right inside the park but the price doesn't match what I had in mind so a good neighbor hotel was the next on my list. With the help of my friend, Honey, I was able to narrow down the lists to a selected few and decide to go with Marriott's Fairfield Inn. Reviews and being a Marriott rewards card member made it easy for me to go with Fairfield Inn.

I was very excited to finally be on our way to Disney. We went to Disney on our 3rd day because the weather for Sunday was rainy and being an outdoor resort, we wanted to maximize our tickets. Wait again :(

* I know these trees are common in LA but not in Vancouver

I was a bit scared as to how far our hotel will be from the entrance of the park. Maps can be deceiving and so does Hotel's description to sell their rooms. I was happy to report though that it was a decent walk to the entrance and going there on a November is the best because it was not too hot to walk and that comfort goes a long way.

* Facade of our hotel for 2 days

* Lemon Water

I initially thought this was lemonade and was quite impress... ha ha! Not that lucky...

* Play area in the lobby

Kimi was not expecting anything from Disneyland so she was happy to stay in this lobby... Sigh* 
No Kimi, that is not what we came here for...

* Lounge Area

* Room Key

* Our Room... 2 Qn Bed. Looks Like a double to me but big enough for us 3

* Entertainment cabinet 

* Kimi revving to go meet the Princesses

* * * * *
Anaheim, California

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