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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


One of the things that got hubby excited when we pushed through with the LA trip was how many of those familiar restaurants are scattered there. To start: Jollibee, Red Ribbon are available in each city. There is Yoshinoya which we failed to try and Shakeys. Then, there is Max. 

Hubby and I used to frequent Max back in Manila. It was a restaurant close to his stomach heart.

Here in Canada, there is not much of those familiar comfort foods that we used to go to and we missed those a lot.

* Max in Glendale

One of the disadvantage of going in small group is that you can't order a lot unless you want to bring home doggy bags. Another downside when there is a kid is that one of those choices should be soup for the little one. 

* Nilagang Baka

So, that left us with one choice of dish that we missed the most.

* Chicken Sisig

I know that Chicken is what they are most famous for but we missed this kind of Sisig so....
It has the same taste as the one in Manila. My only complaint is that it was cut quite big :(

* * * * *
Glendale, Callifornia


littledreamer said...
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Kenken said...

Aaaaaa we just ate at max yesterday :) chicken sisg din haha! parang nga ang laki niya noh o.o


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