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Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Celebration for the "Ber" month

I've mentioned in my past blog entry just how busy the "ber" month is busy for us here.

When I was new here (2008), I was homesick especially towards Christmas.
Kimi's first birthday consist of one table to celebrate with family and relatives.
I felt lonely then.

The next year (2009), I was expecting Kenzo and had a bit more friends, 
it was better with a small get together in a clubhouse.
When Kenzo was born, 
I was glad to be included to the 
Ong's (Sarah's side of the family)Christmas Get Together...
Bringing a week old Kenzo with us, 
we joined the celebration and felt a bit like being home. my brother was here to celebrate Christmas with me.

Year 2010 was a bit like the year before, my brother, Eric 
came which I was more than happy about.
I am starting a new tradition here. :)
The yearly Ong Gathering and a bigger party 
to celebrate the back to back birthdays of my kids.

This year, we welcomed another part of the family to celebrate for next year
- Shawn Grayson Dy -

Sarah was the first mom I met in a party 
and turns out that her hubby is related to Glenda's hubby.
Both of them are now one of the closest mommy friends to my heart 
and considers them more a family rather than just friends. 
I will never forget how Sarah took upon herself 
and babysat Kimi while I was giving birth
then even cooked up a whole pot of Arroz Caldo 
as soon as we got home from the hospital.
Glenda on the other hand was one of the first visitors 
to come to our home to meet Kenzo.
She is the most generous friend 
and showers the two with clothes and things regularly.

This is the time that busy is actually good :)
I can't wait for next year's line up of get together 
with all the celebrations of birthdays and Christmas party.

Once Again, Congratulations to Steve and Sarah.
I still can't believe the will of these two people to wait for the birth to found out the gender...

I even tempted Sarah with a Gender test I found at a store...
...I guess it backfired and I was more tempted than the parents to be :)

* Proud Father with Little Shawn

* Baby Shawn

* * * * *
November 19, 2011
Richmond General Hospital
Richmond, B.C.


Sarah said...

Thanks Mare! Im lucky yo have met you and your family! Love you and see you soon!

meL said...

Hi Sarah,

I didn't realized you posted pala...
I amm the lucky one.. :)love ya


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