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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Memory of Disney 80's

My first trip to Disney World (Florida) was back in 1985. 
I was 5 then, and we were a family of 4 (we are a family of 5 now). 
That was our first trip as a family, and it was never repeated until last March, 2011 
when I came home to Manila and went to Singapore. 
That was my birthday wish which hubby readily gave me. 
He actually took his vacation leave 
and stayed home just to let me go home for our family getaway. 
Thank you again hubby! 

Back to the topic on hand,
my memory of that first Disney trip was very vague. 
I don't know if that memory were truly memories
or was it something I've watched from the video 
(...that video recorder used to be called betamax then)
my dad recorded during that trip.

Whatever it was, two things I remember from that trip
The Dumbo Ride and the attraction called, It's a Small World.

I was eager to let Kimi try both rides 
just so she can have that same experience that I had as a girl.
She enjoyed both rides immensely.


* Dumbo shaped shrub

* Ready to fly

* Mommy and Kimi


I was choosing over watching the night show Fantasmic 
in the evening on Sunday straight from San Diego 
or going on Monday in time for the opening of It's a Small World
which was the first day 
because it was under construction for the first two days we came to Disney... 
So, the third day was spend on a Monday am so that we can do the It's a Small World.

* It's a Small World from outside

* Sign of the Small World

* Geometric Landscapes

* Daddy and Kimi awaiting outside

 * Ride is about to begin

I videod the whole experience
1 * 2

* 1/2 video

* 2/2 video

* Nice Tree shapes

* * * * *
Fantasyland, Disneyland Park
Anaheim, California

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