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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sea World's Shamu

Weekend at San Diego was a weekend I was looking forward. 

It was a mini slumber party with my college friends with hubby and kids. 

We had to go straight to Sea World though in time for our reservation for a private show via Dine in with Shamu.

* Souvenir Shop: Whales for sale

* Kimi gets a hug from papa

* Kiddos wait for their turn at the rides

* Group pic with Shamu

* Little Travelers try to figure out the map

* Huge Aquarium, Little Kids

* Killer whales inside the aquarium

Our reservation for the private show was 1:30pm. Dine in with Shamu was a really once in a lifetime experience wherein you eat at the ringside of the stage wherein Shamu actually performs while you enjoy the food and a big change of getting a shot of Shamu at the ledge beside your seat. 

There were some seats though that is not on the ring side and is like a second row. You can't choose the seats for it is pre-arranged as soon as you bought the tickets online so we had our fingers crossed and got the best seat, if I say so myself, in the house. 

* Really close with Shamu

* More shots... 

* * * * *
San Diego, California

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