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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shekinah's Royal Celebration

Kimi started at the middle of the school year school last January 2011. I was quite nervous as to how she will accept this change plus the fact that she will be the new girl. I was so happy that as we were going up the step to her new school, a bubbly girl came to greet my little girl. Kimi got a new friend and since that first day, she always comes home with stories about this girl who made her feel welcomed that first school day. That little girl who made quite an impact on Kimi was Shekinah.

Fast forward to October, I got an invitation from Jennie Lynn (Shekinah's mom). It was an invite to Princess Shekinah's birthday, it originally fell on a date that we were supposed to be on our U.S. trip. It was really fortunate that the party date was changed to a week from the original date and we can finally say yes to the party.

The Royal Celebration was held last November 19th, 2011

* Party Invites

The kids were encouraged to wear their favorite princess costume. Shekinah came as Princess Arieland since I had Snow White for Kimi this Halloween. I was quite happy to be able to use it again for this year. 

* Princess Ariel came to Shekinah's party

* Nice Setup. Cake Pops and Balloon Sculpture

* Birthday Cake... Under the Sea Scenery

Princess Ariel kept the kids entertained for awhile...

* Princess Ariel got a gift for the birthday girl

* Kimi with fellow classmate, Olivia

* Princess Ariel(sssss)

There was a photo op with Princess Ariel at the end of the party too :)
... Burnaby Montessori students

* Olivia

* Eshaan

* Gabriela

* Kimi

* Birthday Girl Shekinah

* Kenzo with his strawberry

* Snow White and Princess Ariel fight scene Act I
* Truce :)

* * * * *

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